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Property investor

Maximise your deductions and returns, reduce tax by claiming the construction cost of your building


Improve sales to potential property investors by providing depreciation schedules and increase client ROI.


Depreciation education and training plus industry updates free of charge to keep your staff ahead of the 

Our process

No fuss. Provide the information we need and we will handle everything from there

Real estate professionals

Add extra value services to your clients. Schedules can be ordered by any maintenance order

price guarantee

We will beat any written or advertised quote by 5% for a like for like service

our history

Build Cost Pty Ltd, was established in 1998 to provide Depreciation Schedules as a specialised service making us one of the very first to specialise in tax depreciation. Since then we have completed thousands of schedules across all types of construction including residential, education, manufacturing, commercial and short term traveller accommodation.


From small beginnings we have grown to have physical offices in 4 locations throughout Victoria and soon to open in Sydney.

The Build Cost Advantage

Depreciation Specialists

Build Cost is one of the first quantity surveying companies to specialise in Depreciation.


Our management staff have a broad background with nearly 75 years

registered builders

Build Cost are registered builders with Master Builders Victoria

government registered

Build Cost has been awarded full Tax Practitioner status by the Tax Practitioners Board 

training investment

We invested in systems & processes to make sure your experience is in the benchmark.

What is Deprecation Schedule?

A (property) tax depreciation schedule is basically a document that summarises to your accountant the assets in
an investment property, their value and the amount of depreciation that can be claimed against the investment
property income year on year.

A report that details, year by year, the deductions which can be claimed based on the cost of a building and fittings.Depreciation is a accounting concept by which the cost of an asset, for example an investment property, should be written off or deducted from the income it helps produce over its useful life. Depreciation recognises that a asset is subject to wear and tear and has a limited useful life.

The advantage of depreciation as a tax deduction over all other deductions, including negative gearing, is that it is a non-cash deduction, that is, no expenditure has to be spent to claim it. Basically you have an automatic right to claim it without any additional cost. As a general rule, the amount that can be claimed is based on the construction value of the property structure.

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