This page relates to the new likes of your own god

This page relates to the new likes of your own god

A few of these, but not, arrive only about ancient genealogies without associated story. The largest of the love-myths are brand new facts out-of their affair to your goddess Aphrodite. The pair was indeed aren’t represented with her inside the old ways–so much in fact one to she you will definitely properly be called his consort.


APHRODITE The fresh goddess regarding like and beauty had a long love fling having Ares and therefore lasted for the duration of the girl wedding to Hephaistos and you may beyond. She drill your five divine sons and a daughter: Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Phobos and you can Harmonia.

EOS The brand new deity of beginning having which Ares had an effective brief romance. She try cursed having a widespread sexuality from the envious Aphrodite. No young children is said for the couple.

ERINYS TELPHOUSIA Each one of Erinyes or even the goddess Demeter (who had been titled the new Erinys regarding Thelpousa). She drill Ares the newest Drakon regarding Thebes. Regarding the sowing of this Drakon’s white teeth was in fact created a tribe off warrior-boys referred to as Spartoi.

PERSEPHONE The new gods Ares, Hermes, Apollon and you can Hephaistos most of the wooed Persephone ahead of their relationships to help you Haides. Demeter declined all of their merchandise and you may hid her daughter from the firm of your gods.


HARMONIA An excellent nymph from Assyria (Asia Minor) who had been seduced by the Ares in the Akmonian Wood. She drill him the initial of your own Amazones group.

HARPINNA Good Naiad-nymph from Pisa, Elis (southern Greece) well-liked by Ares, and centered on specific the mother out of Oinomaos. [pick Family]

KYRENE (Cyrene) A nymph of Bistonia in the Thrake (northern regarding Greece) liked by Ares. She exercise your a boy Diomedes. Kyrene most likely the just like Pyrene the mother away from Kyknos. [get a hold of Nearest and dearest]

STEROPE Good Pleiad-nymph of Elis (southern area Greece), loved by Ares. She drill him a couple sons Oinomaos and you can Euenos (though the second is sometimes entitled a child of Ares of the Demonike). [come across Family]

TANAGRA A good Naiad-nymph out of Argos (isouthern Greece) exactly who this new gods Ares and you can Hermes competed more from inside the a good boxing meets. Hermes claimed the latest competition and you can lay with her.

TRITEIA A-sea-nymph out of Triteia in the Akhaia (south Greece) well-liked by Ares whom exercise your a son Melanippos. [pick Family relations]

(3) MORTAL Wants (WOMEN)

ALTHAIA (Althaea) A queen away from Aitolia (central Greece), spouse from King Oineus, well-liked by Ares. Based on particular she bore him a kid Meleagros. [get a hold of Nearest and dearest]

ATALANTA Good princess and you may huntress of Arkadia (south Greece) loved by Ares. Centered on particular she bore your a son Parthenopaios. [look for Family relations]

DEMONIKE (Demonice) An effective little princess out of Aitolia (main Greece) liked by Ares. She drill him four sons Euenos, Molos, Pylos and you may Thestios.

DOTIS A female away from Phlegyantis inside Boiotia (central Greece), exactly who based on specific is the mothero f Phlegays from the Ares. [see Family unit members]

ILIA Good princess away from Latium (main Italy) and you will Vestal Virgin. She is enticed by Ares (Mars) inside her sleep and exercise your twin sons Romulus and you will Remus.

KHRYSE (Chyrse) A woman of your city of Almones during the Boiotia (central Greece) who was loved by Ares. Centered on certain she drill him a boy Phlegyas. [get a hold of Household members]

OTRERE (Otrera) A king of your Amazones (China Small) liked by Ares. She drill him good dazon Queens Hippolyte, Antiope, and you may Penthesileia. [look for Family]

PELOPIA A female out-of Thessalia or Makedonia (north Greece) well-liked by Ares. Predicated on particular she drill your a son Kyknos. [find Household members]

PYRENE A lady out of Makedonia (northernGreece) well-liked by Ares. Centered on some she drill your a son Kyknos. She was perhaps the identical to Kyrene, mommy of Diomedes. [look for Nearest and dearest]

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